Just Bought A House? Projects to Tackle Before Moving In!

You just bought the perfect house so you want to move right in, right? Well, before you send in the moving trucks there are a few projects that are best done when the house is still empty.

  • Flooring – Redoing a floor is always easier to do when there is nothing on it. Whether you are considering redoing wood floors or laying tile or carpet, tackling this project before moving in helps to keep wood and tile dust off of furniture and collectables.
  • Painting – It is common to buy a home knowing that painting will need to be done. A new coat of paint can update a room instantly for not much money. Painting is easiest to do when every wall is accessible and no worries about getting paint on furniture or rugs.
  • Locks – You will want to change the locks on your house before you move in to erase the risk of former keyholders accessing your new home.
  • Fix Leaks – Address known plumbing issues before you move in. Water leaks can do serious damage to furniture, rugs, flooring and other valuable items. There could also be secondary damage like mold, rotting wood and mildew.
  • Roof Repairs – If the home inspection revealed any roof damage make the repairs before moving in. Choose a contractor experienced with the roof material on your home.
  • Popcorn Ceiling Removal – Who likes popcorn ceilings? Not many people do, but they are common, especially in older homes. Popcorn ceilings are easy but messy to remove. The clean-up will be much easier if completed before moving in.

So, get started right away on those improvements so you can begin your new life in your new home.

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