Folsom Information

Folsom is Pure Gold

The City of Folsom has a rich history beginning with the '49ers during California's great Gold Rush. It was the site of the West's first railroad and the world's first long-distance transmission of electricity.

Today Folsom is a forward-looking city, a high-tech town, with firms ranging from small to large international corporations.  Folsom also boasts excellent schools, beautiful family-oriented neighborhoods and outstanding shopping, dining and cultural options. 

The City's General Plan, adopted in 1988, set the path the City is following into the 21st century. It shows a growing city that intends to keep its human scale. It places large retail centers in places easily accessible to regional shoppers, without cramming more traffic into the City's core. It paints a picture of sparkling new neighborhoods as well as a carefully preserved Historical District.  The General Plan also takes note of the community's family orientation, calling for a minimum of five acres of park land for each 1,000 residents, and for city co-sponsorship of special activities that involve the entire family. Although Folsom has the flavor of a small city, it does not lack the conveniences of modern living. It has ample shopping and cultural facilities, either in town or within a few minutes drive, and there are plans for more. It also has new hospital facilities and an expanding corps of professional specialists, including doctors, lawyers and financial consultants.

The incorporation of the City in 1946 was a move that has major significance in the self-determination of the City today. Being incorporated allows the City's residents to elect a City Council and to govern themselves. The City's primary governing body is the City Council, made up of five members who are elected at large and serve four years. Each year the council members choose a mayor and vice mayor from their own ranks.

Newcomers Seeking High Quality of a Life

The City continues to attract newcomers seeking good housing or good jobs. Folsom's population in 2010 was 64,394 (71,018 including prison inmates). That number is near the population limit, according to the City's General Plan. Many residents work in Sacramento, which also is enjoying rapid growth. They find the City an easy commute and an attractive alternative to the more congested Sacramento urban scene. Folsom is also becoming a city in which residents find their employment right here. Many high-tech companies have built large production facilities. Industrial growth continues with new business parks and retail expanding throughout the city.

Residents Enjoy Retail Expansion

The downtown area of the City is only minutes away from four major freeways, five airports, freight and passenger rail lines, bus lines and even an inland seaport.

Folsom's retail activity is expanding despite the economic downturn. The Palladio lifestyle center and other shopping areas are attracting new retail stores, hotels, and restaurants. The Folsom Automall along Folsom Boulevard and Highway 50 has six dealerships.  New hotels have opened  and the  Folsom Premium Outlets continue to grow, making it a major shopping center that attracts shoppers from miles away.

Folsom Lake Offers Year 'Round Fun

Folsom Lake State Recreation Area is the most popular multi-use, year 'round unit in the California State Park System. Each year visitors flock to the 18,000-acre park to fish, hike, camp, picnic, ride horseback, water ski, boat, swim and study nature. Two-third of the park's surface area is water. Folsom Lake, the larger of the area's two lakes, is formed behind Folsom Dam and has 120 miles of shoreline.

Step Back In Time in Folsom's Historic District

The 2011 Revitalization Project in Folsom's Historic District brought new life into this treasured area of the community.  The district's historical landmarks, great scenery, museums, restaurants, art galleries and shops are located just above the shores of Lake Natoma on the American River. Covering the Historic District takes only a short walk. At the northeastern end, the historic powerhouse and surrounding park are open to visitors daily. Built in 1895, it was first the powerhouse in the world to provide long distance electricity transmission for commercial use.

The name of the City is famous across America because of one 109-year-old resident facility - Folsom State Prison. Just inside the outer gate of Old Folsom, visitors can view and photograph the famous movie backdrop, East Gate, and portions of the high stone walls. Nearby and open to the public are a small museum and gift shop. The gift shop does a brisk business year round.